Glass Pendant – Vintage pressed glass round


These glass pendants has been formed into a round shape, from vintage pressed window glass. This glass has had a former life in the window or door of an old villa. The glass has a range of beautiful patterns embossed on its surface during fabrication (often in the 1800s or early 1900s).

The pendants measure approximately 5.5 cm in diameter, and are hung on hand-plaited cord. The length of the cord is approximately 50 cm; it is designed to sit just below the collar bone. It fastens with a simple loop and toggle system; the toggle matching the colour of the pendant. The glass has a sea-softened appearance. Choose the cord colour below – brown or black.

Please note that the patterns on the glass differ, and not all patterns are available in all colours. The ‘florentine’ pattern (as seen on the red and turquoise pendants) is not vintage glass, but is available in the widest range of colours (red; turquoise blue; royal blue; pale green; dark green – NB CURRENTLY TURQUOISE BLUE IS NOT AVAILABLE – sorry). Choose from the range of colours below; these are what is currently available. Please contact green heart jewellery by phone or email with any queries.

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