Glass heart pendant – engraved glass, koru and lancewood/horoeka design


This glass pendant has been shaped to form a heart, and hand-engraved with a New Zealand/Aotearoa bush and Maori inspired motif. The design is a combination of the unfurling koru fern frond and the zig-zag pattern on the juvenile horeka/lancewood leaf. Together they represent growth, potential, strength and transformation, held within the heart, symbolising love/aroha. The pendant measures approximately 4 cm in length and 3.5 cm at the widest point, and is hung on hand-plaited cord. The length of the cord is approximately 50 cm; it is designed to sit just below the collar bone. It fastens with a simple loop and toggle system; the toggle matching the colour of the pendant.

The glass has a sea-softened appearance. Choose from a range of colours below. The featured photo is light green, and the remaining gallery photos are light green and dark green; cobalt blue, orange, red; a toggle in cobalt blue; turquoise, pale blue.

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