Recycled china disc shaped earrings – assorted patterns


These earrings are handcrafted from broken/recycled china. They are formed into a disc shape, and hang on sterling silver rings/sleepers, measuring approximately 1.5 cm in diameter, with variation in size depending on the design.

Featured Photo left to right  Willow Pattern, Border of plate, Red; Brown Floral Retro; Green Kilrush Irish Circle Motif; Blue floral Retro; Crown Lynn Brown Floral Retro; Willow Pattern Tapa Flower,


Product Gallery Photo 1 left to right Kilrush Irish Green;  Forget-me-not, blue;  Brown Floral Retro; Red Floral Star; Royal Doulton Fine Green; Orange Floral Retro

Product Gallery Photo 2 left to right ALL CROWN LYNN Garland Ochre; Geometric; Willow Pattern, Border of Plate, Blue; Green Snowflake; Echo; Yukatan

Designs/patterns on the china pendants and earrings are unique, dependent on the broken china available and in stock currently. From the patterns in the featured and gallery photos, some may no longer be available. The drop box below allows a choice of patterns/colours that are nearly always available. Feel free to contact green heart jewellery by phone or email with a specific request.


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