Recycled china koru/spiral pendant – carved from Crown Lynn ‘Blue Willow’


This china pendant has been hand-carved from a Crown Lynn ‘Blue Willow’ dinner plate. The koru or spiral carving echoes the fern frond and is inspired by a combination of Maori and Pakeha history.

The willow pattern design was first developed by English pottery manufacturers in the late 1700s and was an interpretation of Chinese motifs. This piece was made by Crown Lynn in the 70s or 80s, over 200 years later. Willow pattern continues to be popular and is made around the world.
The pendant measures approximately 5.5 cm in diameter, and is hung on hand-plaited cord.
This cord has been plaited with four strands and is fully height-adjustable. The toggle at the end slides up and down, allowing the pendant to be worn high or low, dependent on mood or dress. The toggle matches the china of the pendant; a beach stone from the South Island, Te Wai Pounamu, is added for extra strength and beauty.
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