Recycled China Pendant – semi-circle, bird with flowers


This pendant has been handcrafted from broken/recycled china, and is formed into a semi-circle shape. It measures 4 cm in height and 7cm in width, approx. The cord is plaited and is attached to the pendant using a unique double binding method. The fastening method is a toggle (matching the china of the pendant) and two beach stones; these are designed to slide up and down the plaited cord, allowing the pendant to be worn at different heights, depending on clothing and mood. The longest length is 47 cm.
The pendant features a beautiful hand-painted bird with floral decorations; the colours are vivid blues, greens and pinks/reds. It has been shaped from an antique teacup so has a distinctive curve, with the top of the pendant being the rim of the teacup. This is outlined in gold; the pendant is a unique and delicate piece.
Please choose a black or a brown cord in the box below
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