Recycled round china pendant – Crown Lynn ‘Blue Willow’ boat and border


This pendant has been handcrafted from broken/recycled china, and is formed into a round shape. It measures approximately 6.5 cm by 5 cm height by width. The cord is plaited and is attached to the pendant using a unique binding method. The length of the cord is approximately 50 cm; it is designed to sit just below the collar bone. It fastens with a simple loop and toggle system; the toggle matching the china of the pendant.
This pendant features the classic Crown Lynn pattern ‘Blue Willow’ and comes from the edge of a dinner plate. A boat suggesting travel to exotic lands is depicted in this corner of the plate.  Willow Pattern has been a popular design the world over for at least two centuries, and new versions of the classic design are still being produced today.

The willow pattern design was first developed by English pottery manufacturers in the late 1700s and was an interpretation of Chinese motifs. This piece was made by Crown Lynn in the 70s or 80s.

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